I’m terribly nosey. When I’m eighty, I will be permanently pressed up against my front window, binnoculars in hand, watching the world go by. I don’t nose around things to be gossipy or even intrusive, I’m just really, truly, curious. I’m interested in how other people’s lives work, how they fill their days with the […]

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My husband is a very fussy eater. I have a list going of all the foods he doesn’t like to eat (at time of print, it was fifty items long), some of them I’m sure he’s never actually tried before. Because I’m generally a pretty horrible wife, I tend to serve him whatever takes my […]

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When I tell people I’m a fashion blogger, the first thing that they say to me is “…ooo how glamorous”. Here I am, being glamorous, climbing the biggest, steepest hill* in the entire country, jumping around like a moron with big umbrella on the sunniest, hottest day of the year, in front of at least […]

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Welcome to East London. Shoreditch, specifically. Once home to every crook, prostitute and mass murderer, East London is now the very trendy ‘it’ place to be. The area is so steeped in history that, if you so choose, you can stand in the very spot Jack the Ripper killed his first victim. As long as […]

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