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Welcome to East London.

Shoreditch, specifically.

Once home to every crook, prostitute and mass murderer, East London is now the very trendy ‘it’ place to be. The area is so steeped in history that, if you so choose, you can stand in the very spot Jack the Ripper killed his first victim.

As long as you don’t mind climbing down the stairs of a multi-level car park first.

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The endless supply of pop-up restaurants, markets, fashion and colourful street art, ensures the face of the East is ever changing. Artists from all over the world come to Shoreditch to leave their brand of artwork over the walls with spray paint, stickers, stencils, or if you’re Banksy, a whole pink car.

As you walk through the streets, it becomes a game to try and find the reoccurring artists; Banksy’s rats, mushroom sculptures on rooftops and Invader’s retro tiles. Their work can be brutally honest, political or just plain kitsch.

Mostly it’s really quite beautiful.

This is emerging art at its finest.

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Skirt: Review (similar shapes here and here) | Shirt: Cue (I quite like this one) | Shoes: Girl Express (these Ted Baker ones are on sale!) | Watch: Kate Spade | Earrings: Diva | Belt: Cue (check out these)


You can check out some more street art here

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