So, turns out it may be Spring, but it’s still stupidly cold. I got excited, almost burnt my fleece lined tights in anticipation of the warmer weather, but Mother Nature just laughed in my face. Back to 4 and 5 degree days.

My mother always wants to know what fills my days, how my life differs now I’m living in another country. To be honest, my life goes through the same motions. I get up, go to work, eat, sleep and on the weekends, see friends, go to the pub, trip around London and try not to shovel too many M&Ms. My days look like everyone else’s, except I guess that I am blessed to be doing them in the most amazing city on the planet.



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Here is a day in my life.

A day where I wore a whole lot of pink and ate the most amazing omelette and went to yoga.

Not every Saturday looks like this. Some, I don’t leave the house; the most exciting thing I can bare to contemplate being a hot bath and hours of the cooking channel. Others I’m more lucky. I toddle off to Soho to see a play and eat crispy skinned duck in China Town with friends. I can spend hours wandering around farmers markets in Notting Hill or wine tasting (read: gorging on brie) at the Whole Foods Wine Bar.

But they are not my every day.

They are my highlights, bright burning moments mixed in with 6am alarms and elbowing my way into the tube and work (blech, work).






Sometimes I get so caught up in other peoples highlights – perfectly curated snippets of their day, artfully coloured, positioned and shared. My head groans and I think, I should be out, eating exotic, deep sea lobster in the south of Italy with a six pack (abs, not beer) and perfectly waved hair.

I forget that a) I don’t even like lobster and b) this is not their whole life. Someone’s day-to-day does not look like this.

Life does not always look like this.

And that’s ok.





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How else are we to enjoy those shining moments – the amazing yoga classes that leave you completely warn out, hair all a-tangle or warming, rich glasses of red wine in front of the fire at the pub – if not for all those other seemingly dull, mundane times?

My life cannot be compared to someone else’s highlight reel.

And I’m  not sure I’d want it to be that way either.


Coat: Cue | Pink Jacket: Lorna Jane | Cargo Pants: Lorna Jane | Yoga Pants: Kmart | Puffy Vest: Gap (similar here) | Pink T-Shirt: Primark | Cardi: Alannah Hill | Necklace: A random shop in London…seriously | Pearls: Alannah Hill | Sunglasses: Cue | Hair Bow: Alannah Hill | Headband: Diva | Backpack: Joy | Shoes: Converse



2 thoughts on “Life

  1. Is it possible to be homesick for a place you don’t live?? I love seeing your posts and escaping for just a moment.


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