Hello Autumn


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 I rather dislike the cold. Which of course begs the question, …why the hell did I move to England? I’m still not so sure. Having lived my entire life in Queensland, I’m not really used to seeing marked changes in seasons (we really only have summer and […]

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It’s getting really cold now. The leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees and my breath often escapes my lips in tiny little puffs of mist. It’s beautiful. Most weekend mornings, I pull my throw blanket off the couch, and wrapping myself as warmly as possible, take my tea out to my little […]

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1 My-Darling-Girl-Tower-061014-9

Being in a relationship is hard. There is this whole other person, this whole other part of you that you have to think about, to understand, to know, perhaps at times even better than you think about, understand and know yourself. There is no room to be selfish – you can never drink the whole […]

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Trend: Fairy Tale

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It seems designers this season have taken a leaf from Disney’s story books. The fairy tale trend is one of the most coveted looks this season and it’s easy to understand why – depending on who you want to be that day, you can either tailor the look to be a romantic princess or the […]

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1 My-Darling-Girl-27-290914-14

My mother is the ‘Queen’ of baking. When I say ‘Queen’, I don’t mean that she could whip out a snow egg at a moment’s notice, but give her a red Kitchen Aid and her home baking skills are worth every calorie.  There was always cornflake or jam-drop biscuits in our fridge and my Dad […]

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DIY: Sunglasses Frame


Since moving into a much smaller apartment, I find I am constantly at ends trying to figure out where to store stuff. My sunglasses are a prime example; between the both of us, my husband and I have quite a few pairs each that usually litter our little hall table and mock me with their […]

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I really love Harry Potter Every Christmas, my husband and I lock ourselves in the house with plum pudding leftovers, bags of chips and some (okay a lot of) Christmas punch and watch all eight movies back-to-back. When I mention my undying love for the books, my dearest friend Maddi always has a sneaky giggle […]

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