I’ve never been the kind of girl who keeps New Years resolutions.

Which frustrates me no end because if I just pulled my finger out,

I’d have abs.




My inability to follow through with those good life choices I am prone to resolving myself to – generally with my hand stuffed into a bag of chips on the couch on Boxing Day – has lead me to take heed of those ‘experts’ who recommend not even doing it…because you know, you’ll just disappoint yourself in five day’s time.

Depressing much?!

Because of my absolute love of making plans, this has been a struggle for me. I have barely allowed the ideas to take form in my mind and if they do slip through into my ‘resolution free zone’ – this one slipped through last night – I quickly quash them before the edges of the idea begin to solidify. Because of this ‘fingers in ears’ approach, I have all of these half formed plans bouncing around in the back of my brain, begging to be assigned some attention and really, some hope.




To be honest, I have never really understood why people poo-poo the idea of resolution making. Yes, the motivation wears off after a week and yes, it is rare that by the following Christmas you will have completed any of what you set out to, but…

what if it didn’t?

What if we instead resolve to just simply…follow through?

Not on any specific, unwieldy goal, like…cutting out sugar or running a 10K, but just simply, getting up every morning and saying right, this is what I am doing today…and then doing it. And if that means that you move a fifty pounds into your savings account or spend twenty minutes trying to engage your abs to press up into a handstand or smile real pretty at the mail man, then that’s what you do.




And then, at the end of the day, you can lay in bed thinking ‘damn, look at me go’, all because you just…followed through.

You did what you said you would.

And by the following Christmas…

kid, you’ll move mountains.

Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.


Skirt: Chic Wish (on sale! on sale! on sale!) | Sweater: Primark | Shoes: Primark | Bow: Alannah Hill (I like this one) | Gloves…ummm…vintage? (yeah…lets go with that) | Necklace: Vintage | Belt: Alannah Hill (sigh, I want this one)



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