I have some of the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, creative, clever friends. Women who almost daily leave me in awe of their kindness, their fierceness, their determination and their drive. Women who kick butt in their jobs every day, who look after their families, who love their friends. Women, in short, who are simply breathtaking. […]

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Being in a relationship is hard. There is this whole other person, this whole other part of you that you have to think about, to understand, to know, perhaps at times even better than you think about, understand and know yourself. There is no room to be selfish – you can never drink the whole […]

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My husband is a very fussy eater. I have a list going of all the foods he doesn’t like to eat (at time of print, it was fifty items long), some of them I’m sure he’s never actually tried before. Because I’m generally a pretty horrible wife, I tend to serve him whatever takes my […]

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Lovely readers, as you sit down today to peruse my post over your morning coffee (or your evening wine, depending on where you are in the world), I shall be speeding along in the tube on my way to my first day of work. This means good things for you all. It means new clothes. […]

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Welcome to East London. Shoreditch, specifically. Once home to every crook, prostitute and mass murderer, East London is now the very trendy ‘it’ place to be. The area is so steeped in history that, if you so choose, you can stand in the very spot Jack the Ripper killed his first victim. As long as […]

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By now you’ve probably heard the news that Ryan Gosling is having a baby…with someone other than you… I know, I know… Life is terribly unfair…   Here’s a pretty dress to make you feel better.     This is one of my many, many Cue Clothing Company dresses. Allow me to gush for just […]

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Polka Dot

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My husband ‘surprised’ me the other day by gifting my-lucky-self with an entire season of Australia’s Next Top Model. With the same flourish one reserves for presenting a rather stunning piece of jewellery or perhaps a new pair of Louboutin’s, he eagerly explained that the next few nights were to be reserved for ‘blog research’ […]

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